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Oban, Scotland

Anonymous asked you:
I hope you are considering the full extent of the effect that independence will do to my country. I love Scotland more than anything and it would absolutely kill me to know that it would crumble in the hands of *excuse my french* an incompetent bastard. Independence is not the 'best thing for generations' and will discredit our majestic country. It's argued that no voters don't love their country, but I believe the complete opposite. Please vote with your head and not your heart. A patriot,

I’m not sure if this is directed at me personally or not, but I no longer share my views on independence on this page however I can’t ignore the bit where you mentioned how the country would crumble under the hands of an “incompetent bastard” because I think the majority is on the same page no matter what they are voting that they don’t like him. In all honesty there’s not many politicians that I do like and will take anything that the majority of them say with a pinch of salt but the vote for independence is not a vote for this man. I believe that you do love your country but in the end the no voters, the yes voters and those who remain undecided by voting day are all going to have to live with each other with the decision that is made and I feel like we need to stop telling others how we should and should not vote and having a pop at others who have different opinions from ourselves. Sure talk about it, debate but I don’t think what you vote determines who loves their country and who doesn’t. People want different things and we need to respect that.

Replies for the anon who asked about the tartan.

highlandhilda asked you:
I'm an American and I desperately want to study Scottish history in Scotland; any suggested programs I should look into or scholarships I should research?

Anyone able to help this person out? I know a lot of universities do have Scottish History courses but someone who knows a little bit more might be able to give more insight. :)

So eh, Duke of Wellington has swapped cones today. (x.x)

View from Edinburgh Castle by wandrealust

Anonymous asked you:
i'm american, but my family has always held on to this one line of scottish blood that we have. we have tried and tried to find a tie to a certain clan, but the more we look, the more it seems our family were just wandering peasants way back then. my question is, is it ok to adopt a tartan? do clans still maintain some sort of associations that i could ask about membership?

I’m honestly not an expert when it comes to clans, tartans and the sort. I’m sure it would be ok to adopt a tartan or you could even have a bash at designing your own. 

tjherriot asked you:
I'm looking to talk to a few Scottish people for reference on a novel set there. Do you think you could help me?

If you want any help you can get me here and some followers here may be happy to help out too. :) 



The Cleat, Isle of Skye, Scotland by David N Moorhouse


The Cleat, Isle of Skye, Scotland by David N Moorhouse

"I’m Scottish. I can complain about things now

      — Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi (via raquelcaldwell)

Lassie on STV News being told about the 2.5% rise on train ticket fares…

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