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BRU gets you through when you spend more time looking for a film than watching it


DAWN CROSSING by kennybarker

Well done Metro on your headlining skills. I did appreciate this one, Neigh danger. I’m easily amused.


Visiting Abbotsford, the home of Sir Walter Scott!

Anonymous asked:
It's a shame you're gonna stop spending so much time on this blog. I've only just found it. I'm from New Zealand and love learning about Scotland and I love this blog. I hope you don't stop it for good.

Awh, I do apologise for the timing. It’s definitely not for good though, this place is like my baby now. I’ll continue making memes so there is something to post when I feel it’s time and I might reblog some stuff in the meantime. I’m just not going to be quite the presence on here for a little while and hopefully I can give the place a new look and feel. :) 

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Anonymous asked:
perhaps someone else to help running the blog? :)

Hello, it is something that I have considered in the past and could be considering again. 

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A Wee Story

It’s coming up to three years since this blog has been running. I have had my up’s and my down’s with it. It’s a fairly popular blog, not the most but I never imagined the amount of people who follow would be this much and I appreciate you all. It was a place where I used to enjoy coming to. It had banter and nice people and I have met some wonderul people through this blog and I am so thankful for that. Fast forward a little bit and negativity has managed to seep through the cracks. Sure the good outweighs the bad but as the negativity has mounted up it takes more energy to fight it. I don’t want to delete the blog, it has fond memories and I think there can be more but a break or a step back might be in order to get back to the enjoyment of it all. All I ask is for you is to be understanding and bear with me if things die down more than they already have done. I have enjoyed talking to you all and I’m not going anywhere for good, just want to figure out what direction to go in next. If you do have suggestions for a meme then please still don’t hesitate to send them in. Thanks guys :) <3 Suzie 

Scotland - Glencoe Mountains and The Lost Valley